Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cheap Makeup Deals

Hi Dumplings,

         I have gathered together a collection of good quality cheap makeup a.k.a. beauty bargains! BTW this stuff is all from cruelty free cosmetics companies because that's the way I roll. Sometimes when you buy inexpensive cosmetics it's a big womp womp, but I have been testing and using these super cheap makeup and its ah-mazing.

         Actually the first thing is a brush. It's hard to find cheap good quality brushes, but this little shader brush from e.l.f. is wonderful. I can't believe it's only a dollar. Seriously, I've herd people talk about this one, but I was skeptical. I thought it was going to be a flimsy scratchy mess. It deposits just the right amount of color for me, and isn't rough on my precious eye lids. It's also pretty tough. I've washed it several times and it's held together without shedding.

         We'll keep on this eye shadow kick and I will talk about this trio from wet n wild cosmetics. If you haven't tried any of there color icon eye shadow trio's I' assuming you've been living in a cave somewhere lol. They are really good quality. This one in silent treatment has a beautiful shimmery taupey greige color, a sparkly charcoal, and a soft peach with a slight sheen. Uhhhggggg buttery smooth, pigmented, bendable, versatile. . . . I use these colors together and incorporate them into other looks.

         Okay let's play this wet n wild thing out a little more. The just reformatted their silk finish lipsticks. I love them so much. I have 3 colors. They are so comfortable and the most moisturizing ever. The pigmentation is on point and I cant believe they're only 99 cents!!!!! The finish is glossy and shimmery. This color is  nouveau pink

         Speaking of lipstick, I just fell in love with the la girl glazed liquid lipsticks. Firstly they are straight up dupes for occ lip tars. They are really long wearing, pigmented like crazy, and under $3. They also come in lots of colors. I've never tried anything from la girl before, but this is a great first impression. This Color is bombshell.

           Lets talk primers. The first one is by hard candy sheer envy. They have a few versions of this, but I have the original. It is just a nice basic silicone based primer. It does a good job filling in nooks and crannies, it makes your skin matte and baby smooth, and keeps makeup looking good. I used to use the tarte poreless primer, but I like this one much better. It works the same, but doesn't feel heavy. The only downfall is that you can only get it at walmart.

           Last but not least another wet n wild product. I can't help it they've got good stuff lol. This product is their intuitive blend foundation. he idea of this stuff is that it starts out white and these little beads of color break down and open. The pigment is supposed to blend and match with your skin to create the perfect shade. This stuff does not work well as a foundation. The coverage is really bad. However it works amazingly as a primer. It is silky soft, and creates a great base with a natural sheen. I absolutely love it.

           There you have it all of my cheap beauty deals you must try. Have you tried any of these before? would you like to see any other posts like this? What are your favorite cheapie products? Comment below dumplings :)