Wednesday, August 20, 2014

High School Advice Beauty, Friends & Life

Hello Dumplings,

          I put together two High School advice videos for you. One is totally beauty related (how to change up your look, what to put in your beauty bag for school). The other is advice about life and friends ( how to avoid drama, being a good friend, trying new things, and self esteem). I hope you guys enjoy:) Comment below if you want to see any other High School related videos!!


Monday, August 11, 2014

BH Cosmetics Flirty Nail Set

Hi Dumplings,

          I was checking out the Leaping Bunny list of companies that don't test on animals. I discovered BH Cosmetics there and placed an order. You can check out the haul here! I am a nail polish junkie and I wanted to check out their formula. 15 mini's for 7 bucks and change wasn't a bad deal. I have to be honest I wasn't expecting much lol.

         Here's the skinny, They have 2 different sets to choose from. I got the Flirty set. First off the colors looked amazing! They were right up my alley. There was a good variety of colors and textures. The formula was a little this. It took an average of 2 to 3 coats to get an even coverage. TBH these polishes totally remind me of O.P.I. The colors, finishes, application, shine!!! I couldn't believe it. To get all of these minis for such a good price that perform so well, holy cow. Oh also they held up against chipping( I'm extremely tough on my nails) and they went 4 days without chipping. Buy it here!!

                                                                         <3 Jen


                                                               cool, fizz,sugar,metal,sass

                                           berry,calm,galactic (more of a top coat),wave,sonic

                                                          classic,celeb,dolly, vivid,shore