Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cheap Makeup Deals

Hi Dumplings,

         I have gathered together a collection of good quality cheap makeup a.k.a. beauty bargains! BTW this stuff is all from cruelty free cosmetics companies because that's the way I roll. Sometimes when you buy inexpensive cosmetics it's a big womp womp, but I have been testing and using these super cheap makeup and its ah-mazing.

         Actually the first thing is a brush. It's hard to find cheap good quality brushes, but this little shader brush from e.l.f. is wonderful. I can't believe it's only a dollar. Seriously, I've herd people talk about this one, but I was skeptical. I thought it was going to be a flimsy scratchy mess. It deposits just the right amount of color for me, and isn't rough on my precious eye lids. It's also pretty tough. I've washed it several times and it's held together without shedding.

         We'll keep on this eye shadow kick and I will talk about this trio from wet n wild cosmetics. If you haven't tried any of there color icon eye shadow trio's I' assuming you've been living in a cave somewhere lol. They are really good quality. This one in silent treatment has a beautiful shimmery taupey greige color, a sparkly charcoal, and a soft peach with a slight sheen. Uhhhggggg buttery smooth, pigmented, bendable, versatile. . . . I use these colors together and incorporate them into other looks.

         Okay let's play this wet n wild thing out a little more. The just reformatted their silk finish lipsticks. I love them so much. I have 3 colors. They are so comfortable and the most moisturizing ever. The pigmentation is on point and I cant believe they're only 99 cents!!!!! The finish is glossy and shimmery. This color is  nouveau pink

         Speaking of lipstick, I just fell in love with the la girl glazed liquid lipsticks. Firstly they are straight up dupes for occ lip tars. They are really long wearing, pigmented like crazy, and under $3. They also come in lots of colors. I've never tried anything from la girl before, but this is a great first impression. This Color is bombshell.

           Lets talk primers. The first one is by hard candy sheer envy. They have a few versions of this, but I have the original. It is just a nice basic silicone based primer. It does a good job filling in nooks and crannies, it makes your skin matte and baby smooth, and keeps makeup looking good. I used to use the tarte poreless primer, but I like this one much better. It works the same, but doesn't feel heavy. The only downfall is that you can only get it at walmart.

           Last but not least another wet n wild product. I can't help it they've got good stuff lol. This product is their intuitive blend foundation. he idea of this stuff is that it starts out white and these little beads of color break down and open. The pigment is supposed to blend and match with your skin to create the perfect shade. This stuff does not work well as a foundation. The coverage is really bad. However it works amazingly as a primer. It is silky soft, and creates a great base with a natural sheen. I absolutely love it.

           There you have it all of my cheap beauty deals you must try. Have you tried any of these before? would you like to see any other posts like this? What are your favorite cheapie products? Comment below dumplings :)




Thursday, April 23, 2015

Makeup That Broke My Heart

Hello Dumplings,

I actually was going to blog about something entirely different today, but as I was going through my makeup collection gathering products I started to think all the makeup brands that I used to love. I have ranted and blogged about this stuff in the past, but this post is a bit different.

I am speaking of once cruelty free companies that have sold themselves out to companies that test on animals. Over the last few years I lost them one by one. They claim that even though they are owned by companies that test they will not. It's okay if you still consider them cruelty free. I don't want to judge, but I feel it shows poor morals. How can you care about animals if you're partnering with companies that don't?

For a long time I was really angry at these companies. I felt betrayed. I invested hundreds of dollars in them. And I honestly really liked a lot of the products. I really don't understand animal testing in this day and age anyway. So many companies don't do it. I kinda feel that the ones that do are just sick bastards who want to hurt animals.

A few months ago my makeup got contaminated and I had to throw out more than half of my collection. It really changed the way I felt about makeup. I used to be obsessed with it, always hunting down the next palette of lipstick to try. Now I have some things I like, I know what works for me, and I know what I like.

Here's the hard part, what the hell do I do about the makeup I own from those companies I mentioned. I don't want to use it on my channel or blog about it because I don't want to give them more attention. I don't want to throw it out because I spent a lot of money on it, and I feel guilty when I use it. I feel more guilty because I love it. It just sits there in my collection. It's kind of like having a jerky boyfriend who is really good in bed. You get pleasure but feel crappy afterwards. And then imagine him just sitting in your house staring at you!

I love making tutorials and review videos. I enjoy beauty blogging but at times like this I feel like it would be so easy to walk away from it all. I haven't made a beauty video in months because my space is in transition. I am hoping for a second wind.

Anyway this was a weird post. I would appreciate any feedback you could offer. If you read this all the way through I love ya :)

                                                                    <3 Jen

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Best Fuchsia Lipstick For Spring

Hi Dumplings,

     I think a good old standard fuchsia is the best lip color for spring. Not only is it a fun pop of color, but it's very face brightening.I have gathered a collection of fuchsia lip products that I love. I've got everything from drugstore to luxury, and all cruelty free lipstick

Milani,Wet N Wild,Too Faced,Lip Tar,LA Girl

Nouvaeu Pink Wet N Wild silk finish .99
    I will start with the lease expensive of them all. At only 99 cents this lippie is a steal! I have a lot of wet n wild lipstick but, I am making it a mission to get a bunch more of these. Nouvaeu Pink is a classic medium bright pink. This lipstick is very moisturizing, and feels great on the lips. It has a glossy finish. Side note, not a fan of the packaging. It's a bit flimsy.

Wet N Wild Nouvaue Pink

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Liquid Lip Color in Bombshell $4
    I am crazy about these! I will be doing a full on review, but this is a sneak peek. Bombshell is a classic pink fuchsia. The formula is very similar to Occ Lip Tar. It is also a really long wearing lip color. It goes on glossy but leaves a velvety matte stain. It also has a slight minty flavor. Side note, the packaging makes these easier to apply than lip tars.

LA Gil Bombshell

  .Milani Color Statement in Rose Hip $5.99
        I am a huge fan of Milani Cosmetics. There color statement lipsticks are amazing and they have a lot of great spring colors. They are crazy pigmented, and go on really smoothly. Rose hip is described as neon pink, but it's really fuchsia. I also love these because they smell like watermelon. They all have different finishes, but this one is creamy. Side note use a lip liner for an easier application.

Milani Rose Hip

Occ Lip Tar Anime $18
    Anime is a really fun fuchsia. If you love a bright pink lipstick this is your baby! These liquid lipsticks are tricky to apply, but they are worth the trouble. Long wearing, great pigmentation, minty scent, what's not to love. You can also mix and create new colors if you have other lip tars. They go on glossy, but leave a matte finish. Side note, they are worth every penny since a little goes a long way. You only need a drop!

Occ Anime

Too Faced Le Creme Fuchsia Sock $22
     The creme de la creme (corny), Seriously this baby is luxury. From the gilded tube to the sumptuous feel. If you need a good gift for a friend pick up one of these. This baby has decent pigmentation. Feels really comfortable on the lips and pops a pretty fuchsia punch. Super glossy finish and IMO the most wearable if you are afraid of bright. Side note, this is a sot tube. Don't leave it in your purse it will melt easily.

Too Faced Fuchsia Shock

                                                               Thanks for reading,
                                                                             <3 Jen

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

L.A. Color Jumbo Lip Pencil Set

Hello Dumplings,

       I love to review makeup. It's one of my favorite things to do, especially drugstore cosmetics because they are easier to splurge on. I found this cheap makeup set at my local dollar store. Being a sucker for jumbo lip pencils I had to pick it up. 5 pencils for $6 was a major steal. I don't really have anything else from La color cosmetics in my stash. I tried La color nail polishes a while ago and I wasn't to impressed. Drugstore makeup does improve over time so I thought I'd give em a try. I also like the fact that they are one of the available cruelty free cosmetic brands.

       Okay so lets talk about the chubby bastards! The set contains 6 colors which are not named( I hate that). Easy Dumplings, I will artfully make up names for you :) But first I want to talk about the overall texture, smell, pigmentation. . .

      They all have a matte finish, all but 2 (violet & Mauve) are extremely dry and not fun to apply. The pigmentation is fair at best. I had to apply several layers to get the color effect I did. The colors are what really drew me in to buying this lip set was the colors. I love a bright lip, and there were a lot of good looking colors. The worst thing about this set is the smell of the products. Omg I don't even know how to describe it. It smells like a cheap waxy lotion or soap. Almost like citronella. The smell goes away after a while but I don't like wondering what crappy ingredient is causing that smell. BTW they all have that smell. It was a HUGE turn off. Also the staying power is about an hour. I can really only recommend this set to people who are starting a new beauty blog, and are looking for cheap makeup sets to review.

       I hope you enjoyed my little post. Thanks for reading, and what do you guys think of La Color Cosmetics?

                                                 <3 Jen

Here are the swatches!

Soft Peach Peony- matte peach 

Light Pink Blush-matte pink

Mauve-matte neutral pink

Violet-matte bright purple

Fire Engine Red-matte bright red

Deep Ruby Red-matte deep red

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Things To Consider Before Getting A Pixie Cut

Hello Dumplings,

          I have had my pixie for almost two years and feel pretty qualified to write this:) For years I wanted to get one but I was very nervous about such an extreme style. Would it look good? Could I style it? Would it make my face look fat? Here is all the advice I have to give about this subject. By the way it's worth mentioning I freakin love my pixie and I'm glad I took the plunge.

 Baby Steps

          If you've always had long hair a pixie might be too much of a shock to you. I suggest trying a bob or some long layers first. These styles are easier to grow out and less intimidating.

Do Your Homework

         Find out your face shape, google search pixie pics, ask friends you trust, keep things like hair type and texture in mind.

Celebrity Inspiration

        Find a celebrity that has a pixie you like. It's even better if they have a similar look and hair type as you. I took inspiration for my pixie from Gennifer Goodwin. I brought a pic of her to my stylist for reference. Also search youtube for hair-styling tutorials for your chosen style.

Time Management

        How much time do you spend on your hair now? A pixie needs to be sculpted and styled to give a cute shape and control cowlicks and fly aways. Mine takes about 5 to 10 minutes to style, but depending on the style this could take longer. Trust me when I say if you don't take the time to fix it it's gonna look jacked up:)

Growing Out Your Pixie

        Okay so this is the hardest part of having a pixie. You will go through many awkward stages of this process. Headbands,head scarves, bobby pins, and barrettes will be your best friend. If you can make it through this process without re-pixieing yourself you're a champ. This is part of the reason I've had mine for so long lol. A freshly cut pixie looks way cuter than a half grown out one. I am fond of change though so I've made the commitment to grow mine out, but I absolutely love my pixie and regret nothing.

          I hope you found this post helpful. If you get a pixie please tweet or tag me @misplacedmoo! 
                                                                                Good Luck Dumplings
                                                                                         Love you <3

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