Monday, October 29, 2012

My Cozy Morning

Hi Everybody,
     This post has nothing to do with beauty lol. I think it's fun when other's share little slices of their life so I thought I'd do the same. Let me know if you want more of these.

     I woke up a little late this morning. I had a delicious cup of coffee. I have two coffee machines that I rotate between. One is the keurig, and the other is the flavia system. This morning I used the flavia, and had an Ethiopian roast. My coffee enjoyment was short lived because my dogs were hungry, and didn't feel like waiting for me to savor it lol.

     The best part of my morning was being outside. I let my dogs out, and grabbed a book. Some mornings I get calls from clients right away. This morning was peaceful. The weather was cool( somewhere in the mid 60's). I was so happy, it's usually hot where I live. I love the cool weather :)) I snuggled in a cozy hoodie, and sat on my outdoor love seat. I could have sat there reading that book, and feeling the cold air on my face forever. Unfortunately my little dogs were not enjoying the cold as much lol. They sort of hinted that they were ready to go inside. Long story short, I'm buying them sweaters :)

     This post was kinda random, but I think it's important to commemorate the small joys in life :) I am gonna film one or two videos today, so I'll see you later :)

                                                                          <3 Jen


Friday, October 26, 2012

Face of the day, Smokey Purple

Hi Everybody,
     I am writing this post in conjunction with a video on my channel. This is where you can find a detailed description of what I did, and the products I used. I hope you enjoy.

     Okay, at this point  I realize that I just deleted all the pictures I needed for this post (MEEP !). If you guys don't mind I will hunt for images on google :( If you want to see the actual pics I took they are in the beginning of the video below.

Stila 10 in 1 bb cream

     I love this stuff. It gives you light to medium coverage, and a velvety finish. I used my beloved beauty blender to apply it.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

      Believe it or not I've been using this as a concealer. I love the coverage and the matte finish. It's a perfect match for my skin tone. I also used it as a lid primer :)

Tease from the naked 2 palette

     This is a soft matte brown with a purpleish tone. I used this in the crease. It is such a good crease color.

Wet N Wild Pedal Pusher Palette

     I used the left side of this palette. I used the brow bone in my inner corner, I used the lid color on my lid ( lol) , and I used the crease color to deepen my outer v. I freakin love this palette.

Booty Call from the naked 2 palette

     This is a soft creamy color with a sheen. I used it to highlight my brow bone.

Eyeko Fat pencil in ???

          I'm sorry guys I don't know the name of this color. It is a blue gray shimmer metallic.  I tried to find it online and couldn't :(  I received this in my june birchbox.  They are an English company that is slowly making their way to the states. It is similar to nyx jumbo pencils, but the packaging is like tartes lip surgeance.   I used it as a liner on the outer third of my lower lashes. I put a small abount and smudged it out with my fingers.

     I put concealer under my eyes to brighten the are and make my eye makeup pop.

Too Faced Peach Leopard Bronzer

     I normally use this product as a blush, but today I wore it as a full face bronzer. I used a big ass fluffy brush to diffuse the color. This product has a warm mid toned peachy hue. It is also shimmery.

Everyday Minerals Blush in Snuggle

     Okay, let's give props to the adorable name :)) This blush is a soft peachy pink with sparkle. These blushes are hella pigmented so use a light hand. I applied this to the apples of my cheekies.

Buxom Lip Polish in Amber

     Whenever I wear purple eye shadow I love to pair it with peach cheeks and lips. I love the color combo. It's a little un-expected. This lip gloss is dabombdotcom (tell your mom). I love everything about it.

     Do you guys want a review collection of my buxom lip polishes ??

                                                                                  <3 Jen

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Try This Game At Your Halloween Party


      Hi Every,
                If you're having a Halloween party this game will keep you entertained for a while. I have played this many times with different groups of people, and it's always fun. Ideally you should have at least 8 people, but more people just add to the fun. This game really lets your guests cut loose because it's fantasy based so the more you get into it the better.

              The objective of the game is to solve your very own murder mystery case using all the guests at the party in different ways. All you need is paper a pen and some willing victims, err guests.

              The rules are easy. Take one small slip of paper for each guest. Write d on one for detective. Write m on one for murderer. Mark the rest with v's for victim.  Fold all the pieces of paper and put them in a hat. let each guest choose a slip. Only the detective should announce themselves, and then leave the room. Next flip the lights off and let the murderer do their deed. The person with the m should now (gently) touch another they choose to me the victim. At this point the victim should fall to the floor. The lights go on, and the detective re-enters the room,

              This is the fun part. The detective questions the remaining subjects and has a limited time to guess who the murder is. You can choose a predetermined amount of time before the game begins.

              Have fun with it, be a crazy character, try to trip up the detective, wildly accuse other people. I hope you guys have fun, and let me know how it goes.

                                                                                      <3 Jen

p,s, have you seen my latest video ?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wearable Plus Size Costumes

Hi Halloween Lovers,

          I love halloween, but as a plus size girl It can be very hard to find a cute well fitting costume. I scoured buycostumes,com to find the best of their selection this year. I love this site. I've used them to buy lots of costumes over the years. All costumes are under $40


I really think this costume is cute and sexy. It looks super flattering and comfy.I love the high slit on the side. If you got em show em off yo.


This costume is so cute. The print and the cut make this so flattering. It is on the short side, but the high neckline still makes it modest. If you're afraid of too much exposure you can wear shorts underneath


if you're looking for something safe for a kid's party this does the trick. it is modest, easy to wear, and you could wear colored tights under the bloomers lol.

On the other hand this costume could be F*****g creepy. Who isn't scared of clowns right ? You could gore it up, and still be comfortable. Clown zombie, killer, vampire, weirdo, go for it.

          I hope this post will be helpful. Have a safe and happy Halloween !!

                                                                                            <3 Jen

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surviving your first eyebrow waxing


          Hi Guys, I've been wanting to do a post or video about this subject for a while. I'm just gonna give a few tips and tricks to help you get through the first time.

         I naturally have thick crazy brows. If left un-waxed they would look like two fuzzy Caterpillar's sleeping above my eye's. I hated them, but I was so afraid to wax. I was afraid the whole eyebrow would get taken off, or the skin like in a horror movie (Happy Halloween). Well obviously I got my nerve up because I'm writing this post. A good friend coaxed me to let her do it. I was so pleased with how neat and groomed my brows looked. It opened up my face so much. After many years of waxing I feel qualified to give some tips to make your first time easier,

Go to a professional
     Waxing is tricky, and messy. If you're just starting out it's best to get help. Also it's not that expensive. I usually pay $10

Go with your natural shape
     A drastic change can be really alarming if you aren't used to it. Also it most likely won't take as long in the chair so that's less intimidating. You can always experiment later on when you're more comfortable. If you trust your waxer you can ask for their input on what brow shape suits your face.

Bring a picture
     If you do want to change the shape bring a photo of someone with the brows you want. You don't want to chance any misunderstandings. Also keep in mind your brows may not easily fit the shape you want. You may need to modify slightly.

The Pain
     Okay seriously this part totally freaked me out. I was so afraid it was gonna hurt so bad lol. Actually it really isn't that bad. The initial ripping off the paper is so quick. it feels like a band aid. For about 10 minutes after that the skin feels slightly swollen and tingly. It may also be red. You can take two tylenol about 20 minutes before you get it done if you're really feeling squeamish. I've never felt the need. also after waxing they will put a cooling balm on your lids. This feels so nice :)

The Wax
     There are so many different kinds of wax out there. If you have sensitive skin make sure to let them know, and ask for a wax for sensitive skin. There are waxes for all skin types. If you are going to a salon ask them before hand what they have. If you want to go the extra mile you can purchase your own wax and ask them if they will use it.

Pop A Mint
     The waxer is gonna be all up in your grill so make sure you have fresh breath lol. Also try to breathe through your nose so you don't blow hot breath on her or him.

Ask Questions
     The best way to be comfortable is to be informed. They won't mind answering your questions.

     Like other spa and salon services, this one is the same. Good work deserves a bonus. I usually tip $2 for a waxing.

          I hope you guys find this helpful. If there's anything that I didn't cover just ask :)

                                                                      <3 Jen

Monday, October 15, 2012

All About Primers


   Over the last few years the one makeup category that I've seen grow is primers. There are ton of different kinds of primers out there, it can be confusing trying to sort it all out. For a long time I thought they were gimmicky and a waste of money.  I now see how wrong I was. A good primer can be your best friend. The trick is to know what you want your primer to do.

          There are three basic functions for primers, to create a smooth canvas by filling in pores and fine lines on the skin, controlling shine and oil or moisturizing the skin, and extending the staying power of your makeup. That was a long sentence :) It's kind of like a nail polish base coat.  Knowing your skin type is key to finding the right primer. When shopping read the packaging and read reviews. A good place to scope out makeup reviews is , that's where I go when I want info.

          You can find primers for face, eyes, lips, lashes, pretty much anything. They are also available in high end and drugstore brands. You may also want to check out b.b. creams. They are like primers on steroids. They provide the benefits of primer plus coverage and moisture. Some have acne fighting properties and sunscreen. I've been using stila's 10 in one hd bb cream. I'm really happy with it. As for primers I'm still shopping around for the perfect face primer. When it comes to eyes I am in love with urban decay's Eden.
It is matte with a nude tint. It covers the discoloration on my lids, and keeps my shadow in place.

          I hope this post was helpful. I was motivated to write this because someone asked me about this in a comment on one of my videos. If there's something I didn't cover just ask :)

                                                                                           <3 Jen

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

   Hello Beauty Lovers,
                  (Is that intro lame ?) I have been working my way through the organix hair care products since I stopped using wen and hair one a few months ago. I have a slight obsession with trying them all. I like the products because they are inexpensive, sulfate free, and cruelty free. I reviewed the cherry blossom and brazillian kerritan on my channels. I thought I'd blog this one for a change. I've been trying to blog more :)

                 OMG !!! if ever there was a perfect shampoo for me it would be this. I have naturally fine hair that gets oily sometimes. I am also dealing with some split ends right now( I need a trim). This duo makes my hair feel as good as it used too years ago. It feels so silky and smooth and healthy. It also doesn't feel weighed down at all. The set has a nice clean unisex scent, and the shampoo lathers well without stripping your hair. I was planning on trying the coconut next because I love the two serums I have, but I don't think I could stop using this one :)

               The one thing I've noticed about all the organix shampoo & conditioners I've used is that you have to use them twice before you see results. Is that weird ? I just thought I'd pass that on. By the way they retail for around $7.49 a bottle.

My other review

                                                                                                        <3 Jen

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review & Swatches


 Hi Makeup Lovers,
                 I talked a bit about this palette in my September Favorites, but I felt like doing a more in depth review on here for you guys. I got this palette about a week ago. My friend purchased it for herself but didn't like it so she gave it to me. I gladly accepted :) I have had my eye on this palette for quite a while, but kind of thought it was unnecessary because I had the naked palette which I am obsessed with.

                Seeing this palette up close I could tell it was very different from the naked. I drooled over the colors and swatched away. I was very impressed with most of the colors and textures. Here is a rundown of each color and my opinion.

    heaven, velvet revolver, sexpresso, silk teddy, push up, erotica, nude beach, honey pot, cocoa puff

     Heaven- This is a matte ivory. It is nicely pigmented, and silky smooth. I could see myself using this a lot.

     Velvet Revolver- this is a matte light taupe color. It is also silky smooth. I think this is a perfect natural crease color if you have fair skin.

     Sexpresso- This is the last matte in the palette. it is a deep silky reddish brown. The color and the pigmentation are beautiful. I am so impressed with the textures of these matte shades.

     Silk Teddy- This is a shimmery peach champagne color. it is buttery soft and pigmented. I love this soft romantic color.

     Push up- This is a muted light bronzey color. it is soft and shimmery with nice pigmentation. This color is so versatile. I think you could easily do a one shadow look with this and make it look dynamic.

     Erotica- This is a neutral medium brown with gold sparkles. I love this shade. it is a brown I've been looking for for a while. The glitter is understated, and doesn't create fall out. My only complaint is that this color is a bit chalky, but I can still work with it.

     Nude Beach- this is the one color I'm disappointing with. It is a beautiful champagne color, but it has chunky silver glitter that falls out everywhere. I was a glittery mess after swatching this.

     Honey Pot- This is a shimmery deep gold. The color, texture, and, pigment are beautiful. This will look amazing on the lid or under for a pop of color.

     Cocoa puff- This is a ritch chocolate brown color. It is so pigmented and silky. It is kind of a demi-matte. I love it. I think I will use it to line my lower lid.

          The palette also comes with three cards to help you create different looks. The instructions are easy to follow.

          I highly recommend this palette. It retails for $36 and I feel the price = value. If you're in the market for an easy to use natural palette this is for you. I also think that if you already own the original naked palette this is different enough to justify owning it. I am going to do a video comparing this to the naked in the near future.

                                                                                               <3 Jen

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vintage Shopping Tips & Why I'm A Moron


Nothing is more fun than rummaging through old crap lol. I went to a local thrift store today and had so much fun browsing through old clothes, shoes, purses, and nick nacks( I don't know if I spelled that right, but you know what I mean). I love to wonder who owned these things, and how they felt about them. I'm just gonna give you all a few of my favorite tips for getting the most out of this fun experience.

         1. Dress for the weather. I wore a light outfit (It's still hot where I live). Most of these places don't have air conditioning and are usually dusty, stuffy and crowded. If your not comfortable you won't have the patience to hunt out the treasures. I was getting heat stroke when I was surrounded by the sweaters.

        2. Go when you have plenty of time to meander. These places are often disorganized. You'll need plenty of time to dig through all the racks of stuff. You're gonna have to sift through a lot of trash before you find your treasure. Besides sifting is part of the fun.

        3. Call before you go to find out a few things like what payment methods they take, and if they have a dressing room. There is nothing worst than finding something awesome that you can't pay for cause they don't take credit.

        4. Use your imagination I saw a shirt that was a terrible shape, but the pattern was really cute. If you're handy with sewing you could deconstruct it, and use it for something else.

         5. Look for classic well made pieces like denim jackets, blazers, crisp white button downs, cute clutches, and accessories. You will wear them forever, and get them for a steal.

         6. Most of these places don't have an exchange or refund policy. If you're unsure about a purchase keep this in mind. Most stores post huge signs, but if you're unsure just ask.

         7. Haggle ! (Unless they have a sign that says no haggling) Take a chance, there's nothing to loose. All they can do is say no. Besides think of the adrenalin rush you'll get from scoring that sweet deal.

          Now for the moron part. I saw so many cute things that would have totally spiced up this blog but I forgot my freakin camera lol. I was so mad. I promise if I go back I will take some pics for you guys. I did get a cute purse for myself :) I will show it off in an upcoming haul.

                                                                              <3 Jen

Friday, October 5, 2012

Review of Josie Maran Summer Lovin' Argan Lip & Cheek Color Stick Set

           Hello Everyone, I wanted to review this collection from Josie Maran. This is my first time buying anything from this brand. This set contains three lip and cheek cream sticks, and one clear moisturizing stick. It is sold at sephora for $32. The sticks are all in the mini size.

           As a whole I like this set a lot. I find the texture smooth and creamy, and the colors are beautiful. They all have a frosty/shimmery finish. Two are very natural and one is a bit more bold. I think the only flaw (for me) is the scent. It is a very strong herbal incense kind of scent. These products are infused with natural oils, so I think that's why they smell that way. I also feel a slight tingle on my lips when I wear them. The smell and the tingle dissipate over time.

           Summer Lovin is a really soft natural pink. It looks amazing on cheeks, and I think it's ideal for fair skin. It is a frosty light rosebud shade.

          Okay this color is weird. In the tube it looks like a deep burgundy, but on the skin it looks like a sheer pale brick red. It's also weird that a color like this is in the "summer lovin" collection because to me it's more of a fall shade. I really like it for a nice fall flush on cheeks.

          Poppy is a really fun shade. It's a vibrant juicy peach. I think it looks good on cheeks and lips.

          I use this set pretty often, and I enjoy them. I don't plan on buying more of these purely because of the smell. They perform well, and are pretty long lasting. I also think the packaging is really pretty, and well made. The caps shut securely, and keep the product from drying out.

                                                                           <3 Jen


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My number 1 face wash & Scrub

   Hi Everyone, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long. Today I want to tell you all about this awesome new face washing stuff I'm using. It is the best I've found so far lol. I have been really getting into Mychelle skincare products lately. I did a morning skincare video featuring some other stuff of theirs I love.

          The first part of this two part system is the Fruit Enzyme cleanser. I use this stuff on an everyday basis.  It is a fruit enzyme cleanser that gently exfoliates with aha's It is also sulfate free. It smells fresh and citrusy, and leavs my skin feeling smooth and supple lol.  $9.69- 17.29

          The next step is the Fruit Enzyme Scrub. This scrub is used after the cleanser up to 3 times a week. You just let it sit on your face for a minute, and rinse. Whenever I use this stuff I feel like I have a primer on. It makes your skin feel amazing. It is totally gentle as well. $17.19

          Mychelle products are cruelty free, gluten free, vegan friendly, recyclable and they are numbered so you know what order to use the products in. I have to say I'm pretty addicted :) You can find Mychelle sample kits on amazon. It's the way I found them.

                                                                    <3 Jen

My Morning Skincare Routine