Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Songs I Like To Get Ready To

     Hey Ladies, Here are some songs I love to get ready to. Some of them are old, but they always make me feel fierce =) BTW they are also awesome to work out to.

Bad Girl Danity Kane

I wanna go Britney Spears

Pocketbook Jennifer Hudson

U and your hand Pink

She wolf Shakira

Can't be tamed Miley Cyrus

My love is like whoa Mya

Lady marmalade

     So by now you should be looking good and brimming with girl power, you're welcome :) Tweet me your favorite songs to get ready to :) @misplacedmoo

                                                                 <3 Jen

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 Things I Love About Youtube

           Hi Guys, I thought this would be such a fun blog post to write. If you guys like it I will do a top 10 things I hate blog post :) Ok here we go.

10. Helped me break bad habits
      I used to pick my cuticles, and bite my nails. Doing beauty videos made me more self conscious about my hands. Now I am part of a weight loss collab channel. This makes me accountable and motivates me to work out.

 9.  Helped me step out of my comfort zone
      I feel real comfortable  around you guys. I have loosened up a lot over the past year. You have seen many different sides of me.

 8. The freedom to post whatever you want
      Youtube gives us all the freedom to be as creative, informative, funny, weird, and beautiful as we want to be.

 7. Finding people more obsessed about makeup than me
      I'm the only one in my life (other than PRBettyBOOP77 and my cousin ) who loves makeup. I am so grateful to see others with big ass makeup collections, and drooling over the newest stuff.

 6. Learning from others
     I am constantly picking up tips and tricks on various subjects from youtube. I've learned that pinky eyeshadow trick from emilynoel83, and tons of other things about my art software and which cell phone to buy.

 5. Rant Videos
     I know it's bad but I think that they are funny. I wouldn't want somebody to rant for no reason, but if you're angry for real, and you have a sense of humor I enjou it. One of my favorites is icallitambrosia. She does awesome beauty videos too.

4  Tag videos
    They are addictive and fun. I like knowing weird things about people. They are also fun to do :)

3. Feeling inspired
    I love thinking up new video ideas, or trying to pull together a look for a tutorial. I enjoy the whole creative process.

2. Being able to help people
    I get so charged when I get comments from people saying that one of my videos helped them in some way. My goal for my channel is to inform you guys in an entertaining way.

1. Meeting new people
    Ok you probably saw this coming lol. I'm gonna be a big cheese ball here. It is so nice meeting new people and connecting. I love hearing all your comments, and responding to them.

                                                                       <3 Jen

Monday, July 16, 2012

.Urban Decay Update

          Hi Guys, I am so so happy to report that Urban Decay has listened to all of it's devotees and stopped allowing it's products to be tested on animals. Can I get a WOOP WOOP ! I am so freakin happy. I love my naked palette & was so sad I couldn't talk about it on my channel. I plan on purchasing more u.d. in the future :)

          On a sad not I've just learned that Revlon (one of my favorite brands) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! is allowing there products to be tested on animals for the asian market. They are no longer on PETA's good list. I hope they change their ways. Until then , does anybody know of a good cruelty free concealer for my eyelids ?

         I'm sorry if this blog was rambly. I just wanted to update you guys , Thanks for reading .

                                                                     <3 Jen


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My First Official Hater Comment

          Hi Everybody, I have been trying to think of an interesting post for you and then I was given a topic. I was chillin out with my dog watching Rise Of The Planet of The Apes ( good movie BTW). I heard a little ping from my phone. I saw that someone left a comment on one of my videos. As I began to read it I noticed that it wasn't very nice. I thought to my self OMG my first hater comment.
          Now anyone who watches videos on youtube knows that there are haters out there, so I was well prepared for the onslaught when I created my channel. To my delight and surprise I have been on here almost a year and have had nothing but wonderful amazing comments. I almost felt a little weird going this long without a hater lol. But I was very grateful at the same time.

          The first thought that came to mind was how sorry I felt for this person. When somebody goes through all the trouble to create a youtube account ( which is sort of a pain) just to spread negativity they must be either very sad or very bored. I wondered what was going on in there lives, and hoped that things would get better for them.

          Then I wondered what to do next, should I just delete & block the user. Write them a whitty response letting them know I have a sense of humor, Write to them and let them know how sorry I feel for them. I won't do any of that. I decided to write this blog post for you guys.

          Perhaps you have gotten hater comments, perhaps you will someday. Either way don't let it get you down :) I prepared myself long ago for this event, so I"m not hurt of effected. I just thought I would like to share this experience with you.

         There is so much support, light, happiness, and fun on youtube. Cherish those moments, and keep being you. I am going to take some risks in the future with my channels. They may open me up to further criticism, but I also know taking those risks will also open me up to new people and perhaps help them <3
         This is a link to the video where the comment was made.

                                                           <3 Jen