Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fashion Items I'm Lusting For

Hello My Dumplings,

          When I was younger I had a real passion for all things fashion. It has been years since I felt this park. While this is amazing for my self esteem, and creativity it's not so great for the wallet lol. I went spring clothes     shopping already so I need to cool it for a while, but these are some things I'm dying to add to my wardrobe :)

A Denim Jacket
   I'm not sure if I want one in denim or black. I just know I want one. I would love to wear it with maxi dresses and other outfits as a finishing touch. I just think they are so versatile

3 Inch Nude Pumps
   I really want these specifically to go with my beloved lipstick dress. I just think they would add a real polished look, and make my legs look taller.

  I am seriously lacking in belts :) I want a silver one in particular, but I'm also looking for other neutrals.

Chuncky Necklaces
 I can not wait to hit up clairs and forever 21 to stock up on inexpensive statement pieces.

          What summer items are you lusting after? On a side note today is the day that the winner is announced for my mega beauty giveaway!!!! I'm pretty pumped.

                                                                                     <3 Jen

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  1. Always good to have a list so you don't go over your shopping budget :) I hope you write some new posts soon!