Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Christmas List

Hello Dumplings,

     Every year I post a list of my most wanted Christmas wish list. I love reading these kinds of posts(I'm just nosey lol). If you write one of these tweet me @misplacedmoo!

The Alex 9 Drawer
Okay so I know I won't win any points for originality because every beauty girl has this lol. But I must admit when it works it works :) I would love my makeup to live in this.

I am a lip product junkie. I've wanted to get my hands on these pigmented babies for a while now.

I have a sample size of this and I'm obsessed with it!!!!!!!!! 
We all know I love the sims!! These points allow me to buy stuff from the sims store to put in my game:)

This thing just looks awesome:) I wash my brushes a lot and this is supposed to cut down the time.


  1. The brush tree looks amazing! Here's my Christmas wish list:

    - Zoeva brushes (haven't decided yet which ones)
    - any nice lip tint
    - a big, dark brown hand bag
    - a new wallet

  2. i love the drawer that would be on my list forever lol

  3. i thinks the brush tree will be better than laying the brushes flat some place else.

  4. Ooh, that set of drawers looks great, super for organizing! :-) Thanks for sharing :-)