Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My First Official Hater Comment

          Hi Everybody, I have been trying to think of an interesting post for you and then I was given a topic. I was chillin out with my dog watching Rise Of The Planet of The Apes ( good movie BTW). I heard a little ping from my phone. I saw that someone left a comment on one of my videos. As I began to read it I noticed that it wasn't very nice. I thought to my self OMG my first hater comment.
          Now anyone who watches videos on youtube knows that there are haters out there, so I was well prepared for the onslaught when I created my channel. To my delight and surprise I have been on here almost a year and have had nothing but wonderful amazing comments. I almost felt a little weird going this long without a hater lol. But I was very grateful at the same time.

          The first thought that came to mind was how sorry I felt for this person. When somebody goes through all the trouble to create a youtube account ( which is sort of a pain) just to spread negativity they must be either very sad or very bored. I wondered what was going on in there lives, and hoped that things would get better for them.

          Then I wondered what to do next, should I just delete & block the user. Write them a whitty response letting them know I have a sense of humor, Write to them and let them know how sorry I feel for them. I won't do any of that. I decided to write this blog post for you guys.

          Perhaps you have gotten hater comments, perhaps you will someday. Either way don't let it get you down :) I prepared myself long ago for this event, so I"m not hurt of effected. I just thought I would like to share this experience with you.

         There is so much support, light, happiness, and fun on youtube. Cherish those moments, and keep being you. I am going to take some risks in the future with my channels. They may open me up to further criticism, but I also know taking those risks will also open me up to new people and perhaps help them <3
         This is a link to the video where the comment was made.

                                                           <3 Jen

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  1. So happy that you did this post... I do get them sometimes! I usually just leave them up lol... unless they are just flat out rude for no reason, then i just delete the comment and move on lol! :p