Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dealing With Paranormal Activity

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          It is one of my favorite times of year. Tonight on my radio show we are going to be talking about some spooky personal experiences and advice about how to handle yourself if you encounter the paranormal. Perhaps you believe, but even if you don't I hope you find this post entertaining:)

         Okay so when I say paranormal what I am speaking of is energy that is not attached to a living being( ghosts,demons,entities,spirits. . . ) I will be talking about my own personal experiences on tonight's show, but below I will list a few pointers to help you overcome your fears and take control of your life and or home.

        I wanted to address that I am not a medium and I do not speak with spirits. I choose to disconnect with any abilities that I might have. In my experiences it is a door once opened that is very difficult to close.

Don't open the door
 I know that it can be tempting to dabble with the idea of talking with the paranormal, especially this time of year. Most people open the door without even being aware of what they've done. Fooling around with friends trying to have a seance or play with a oija board. My advice is don't bother. If anyone in the group has a sensitivity to the paranormal and is un-aware, or if there is an overwhelming negative energy in the space you are at risk.

Don't trust what you can't see
  Opening the door to that world is like leaving the front door to your home wide open. Imagine all the random strangers that could enter your home with out your control.  It takes experts years to learn how to safe guard themselves from negative entities.  Beings with negative intent will try to manipulate you to gain your trust. They will pretend to be children,heroes,and even lost loved ones. letting your guard down gives them power, and that is what they desire. They thrive on negative energy like fear, anger,sadness, and anxiety. The stronger you feel these emotions the stronger they become.

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore
  Okay so your washing dishes and all of a sudden you get a creepy feeling, or see something weird. The best thing you could do is remain calm and just go about your business. Showing fear of curiosity will intensify the energy and strengthen the entity. Ignoring gives you power and strength.

Keep It Positive
  If you have activity in your home or office it is more important than ever to not give in to sadness,fear or anger. If you are having disputes with someone speak to them calmly. Don't leave things hanging, clear the air. Put on music that makes you happy. Be aware that the being might try to provoke things so learn to laugh it off. Also you can burn sage and bathe yourself in sea salt to remove negative energy. If you are religious use the power of prayer to help you and give you comfort. The trick is whatever you believe in will help you.

Okay so I tried that stuff and they are still here!!!
  Regroup with the others you live with, make sure everyone is following the above rules. If that is the case then you have two options you can bring in a expert(religious leader or medium). Do lots of research find someone that you can trust to help. Another option is for the least affected member of your group to take a stand. Speak firmly to the entity and ask it to leave. "You are not welcome here, please leave right now"). I suggested the person who was least affected to speak because they are the ones that the being has the least power over.

          Not all paranormal activity is bad, and sometimes it is just lingering energy that doesn't have a mind of it's own. If you have been happily living with paranormal activity then it's best to let things be. This post is more to serve as a warning and to help deal with an unpleasant situation.

          I hope you will be listening to tonight's show. I will be live tweeting throughout so follow us @psychicE_R if you would like to receive those tweets:)

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