Sunday, July 31, 2011

Having the Time of My Life and Thank You's

        I am so excited beyond belief to be on youtube doing what I love to do. I've wanted to have my own channel since I started watching a few years ago. I love the open format youtube offers. I personally love the beauty community, so I knew whatever channel I did would be beauty related. I also knew I loved helping people learn all the tip's and trick's I knew about psychic's. I thought and thought about putting myself out there, but for one reason or another it didn't happen. One day my best friend was fixing my computer. She cam across one of my practice video's and was like " You gotta do it !" I was revitalized, and went forward.  My channel was born. It is a mixture of beauty, psychic, information, and fun.

         I feel so lucky and grateful my channel has had such a warm welcome. Everyone has been so nice. I am especially thankful to my 10 subscribers :) and my best friend for starting this.

                                                                                             Jen <3

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