Friday, July 15, 2011

My Psychic Do's & Don't's

     I developed these handy rules several years ago to help my client's become less intimidated and more informed about the world of psychics. I hope you find this helpful.


1. Be open minded and
honest with yourself.

While you don't have
to believe everything
a Psychic says, You should
be prepared to hear the truth.

2. Follow your own instinct's.

A reading should be a friendly,
positive experience. If you feel
uncomfortable for any reason you
should end the reading.

3. Expect polite,honest,accurate

No psychic is 100% accurate,
but you should feel some
connection with what they are

4. Be sure to check out any
available feedback or ratings.

This is the best way to find out
a psychics accuracy & reading style.

5. Be sure your psychic focuses on
 your issues.

If you are calling about money
don't let them side track to love.   

6. Feel free to ask questions.

Example: When did you realize you
were psychic?

Or How will I know
if I'm psychic?

A Good psychic will
be happy to answer questions about
their abilities and any lingo you may
not understand. ie. auras, past lives,
runes....(Keep questions on a
professional basis.)


1. Allow yourself  to become obsessed
 with a psychic. This is the most important don't.

You should never talk a psychic more than you
do normally with friends & family.

2.  Allow a psychic to lead you by asking
to many questions.

While it is normal for a psychic to ask basic

questions ie.names,birthdays,general  area

of interest. They should never ask questions

like: Can you give me a brief relationship history ?

3. Give to much information about yourself.

You should always be straight forward, but too

much info can cloud a psychic, or cause you to

waste money on a bad psychic guessing.

4. Allow a psychic to waste your time by speaking 

slowly or becoming to wordy about  simple things.

Immediately interrupt politely and ask them to

simplify(this is your time) you should be


5. Let a psychic rattle on about themselves.

This is your time, you and your issues should be

the main focus.

6. Put up with an unprofessional reading.

If a psychic puts you on hold, falls asleep, or

stops to speak to a child or pet you should end the 



   I hope you have a positive insightful reading. 

                                   Good luck :)



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