Saturday, July 23, 2011

Psychic myth's


      Many of my client's come to me with preconceived impressions of who psychics are, and what their supposed to be. In my latest video I shed some light on these common (myth's).

           1. All psychic's are evil, and in league with the devil.
                This is an old stereotype handed down to people through generations because of some religions  beliefs, and other con artists who pose as psychic's. There are many psychic's that are good people who's main objective is to help people. I have come across many dirty looks, and judgments because of my career. I've herd many times from a client that they shouldn't talk to me because I'm evil. Psychic ability is a natural gift that we all posses. Labeling it as evil is only denying yourself possibilities.

            2. All psychic's are angel's
                   This stereotype is just as untrue as my first. Many of my client's have been hurt and betrayed by people posing as psychic's. They blindly handed their trust and money over because they assumed that being psychic automatically ment that they were honorable and pure of heart. It is never a good idea to assume someones character because of the job they do good or bad. Psychic's are people you need to get to know them individually.

             3. Psychic's know everything about everything.
                     Many people assume that psychic's know everything about everyone they meet automatically. Wow that would be an enormous amount of information to take in everyday. When a psychic gives a reading they focus on a certain area. Just think of it as trying to find a radio station, or looking something up in a dictionary. I think people dislike psychic's because they feel we can probe into the deepest recesses of your mind and find out all your secret's without permission. Honestly I just wanna help you find your key's, or figure out weather your ex is coming back.

               4. Psychic's are an elite group of people.
                      I believe, (as I stated above) that we all have the ability to be psychic. It's true that some are born with natural abilities, but this gift is attainable by everyone. We all have natural instinct's that we use everyday. These are the building block's to becoming a great psychic. It takes practice to fine tune them into a stronger  abilities.

                5. Psychic's don't deserve to be paid.
                          Good psychic's take time to practice and fine tune their skills. They are offering you a helpful service. They deserve reasonable compensation for it. You should find a mutually agreed upon rate that you both feel comfortable with.

                 6. Cost equals value.
                          Don't let a psychic's high price fool you into thinking that they are better than lower priced psychic's. Many of my client's have paid obscene amounts of money and felt let down. The price a psychic charges doesn't dictate their skill level, but I do think it say's something about their character. 

      I hope you find these helpful. My goal is to make you more informed about, and less intimidated by the world of psychic's.

                                                         Good Luck,


  1. I don't really know much about psycics (although i'm trying to learn-it seems really interesting and cool=)) and if you'd know this or not, but i was wondering if tarot carts really work and if ouija boards really work, or if they don't.Also, do internet generated readings work the same as live readings?Thanks!

  2. Hi, I think a tarot reading done by a live person is better than a computer. The quality of the reading depends on the skills of the reader. If they are good you will feel it. I suggest that you should buy a beginners deck of tarot cards and mess around with them. That's how I started lol.

    Don't mess with ouija boards. If you or any of your friends have an undiscovered talent for talking to ghost's a doorway will be opened that's not easily closed. Ha ha I don't mean to sound cryptic, I just think that game shouldn't be sold.