Sunday, June 10, 2012

Come On Urban Decay !

          Urban Decay has just become the next cosmetic company to give way to dollars over principles. I was so saddened and disappointed to hear that they ( who have always touted themselves to be animal friendly,) have recently allowed their products to be tested on animals.

          I stumbled upon this news through a blog I'm subscribed to. It said that U.D. began selling their products in China which requires animal testing. I went to the PETA website and found that they had removed U.D. from their companies that don't test list. I also found several articles on this matter.

          I myself will not be purchasing any more products from Urban Decay. I wanted to put this out there so you can be informed of this situation so you can make your own decision. I have recently made a promise to never use or feature products tested on animals on my youtube channel. I uploaded a video about it a few weeks ago.

The original blog post

Peta articles

Companies that don't test on animals

Companies that do

My video on animal testing

                                                      Thank you for reading this.
                                                                             <3 Jen

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