Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dare Party Animal Nail Polish Set

Hello My dumplings,

          I got this fun set as a birthday present from my Mom and Dad. I was super excited because I have been wanting to get my hands (and nails) on some neon polish for the longest time. My Mom is psychic lol. I had never heard of this brand before so I was really curious to try them out.

            These polishes are sold exclusively at walmart. They are cruelty free and made in the U.S.A. They came packaged together as a set. I threw my packaging out, but I found this image on google :)

           As a whole the set is really cute. I love the packaging. I think it would be so much fun to use these colors for nail art designs. I normally don't do this in my reviews but I'm going to list pro's and con's.

They are very pigmented
They have a matte texture which gives you versatility
They dry completely in less than 60 seconds.
They are cruelty free.
They are inexpensive.

They go on splotchy.
You need 2 to 3 coats for the green to look decent.
The names aren't on the bottles.
They stain your nails.

         All in all I would say they are worth picking up. I think if you use a good base coat and apply them with thicker coats you'll be very happy. Here is a look at the individual shades.

Bold Move (neon pink)

Heating Up ( neon orange)

Social Magnet (neon green)

Natural Flirt (neon coral)

Social Magnet, Bold Move, Heating Up, Natural Flirt

With a glossy top coat

          I will most likely be creating some nail tutorials using these for my youtube channel. I hope you all have a wonderful day :) Don't forget to enter my Mega Beauty Giveaway!! I love you guys <3

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