Friday, April 19, 2013

Spotlight Review Sigma P82 Small round top kabuki

Hello Dumplings,

          I recently received two sigma brushes for my birthday. I also purchased a set for myself. I am going to post a full blown review of all the brushes on my youtube channel in the future. For now I have been so so crazy about this particular brush.

          The P82 caught my eye originally because of it's shape and description of uses. I did not have anything like it in my collection already. It retails for $16.

          According to sigma this brush is intended to blend cream products such as primer, concealer, and cream eyeshadow.  I freaking love this brush so much. It works well. It's comfortable to hold, and it feels comfortable on the face.

          I used it for all of it's intended purposes and found it worked really well for everything.

Concealer- It blends like a dream and doesn't mess up the pigmentation of your concealer. The rounded shape makes it easy to get into odd corners around your eyes.

Eye Primer- I found that for primer application this brush makes the job a lot faster. I especially like it for thicker textures like Urban Decay's Eden.

Cream Shadows- Kind of like the concealer this brush distributes the product with out lessening the pigmentation. It gives a wonderful even coverage.

          So there you go lol. I have been using this brush everyday and I love it. It's everything I hoped it would be. I hope you all have a wonderful day:)

                                                              <3 Jen

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