Sunday, April 12, 2015

Best Fuchsia Lipstick For Spring

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     I think a good old standard fuchsia is the best lip color for spring. Not only is it a fun pop of color, but it's very face brightening.I have gathered a collection of fuchsia lip products that I love. I've got everything from drugstore to luxury, and all cruelty free lipstick

Milani,Wet N Wild,Too Faced,Lip Tar,LA Girl

Nouvaeu Pink Wet N Wild silk finish .99
    I will start with the lease expensive of them all. At only 99 cents this lippie is a steal! I have a lot of wet n wild lipstick but, I am making it a mission to get a bunch more of these. Nouvaeu Pink is a classic medium bright pink. This lipstick is very moisturizing, and feels great on the lips. It has a glossy finish. Side note, not a fan of the packaging. It's a bit flimsy.

Wet N Wild Nouvaue Pink

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Liquid Lip Color in Bombshell $4
    I am crazy about these! I will be doing a full on review, but this is a sneak peek. Bombshell is a classic pink fuchsia. The formula is very similar to Occ Lip Tar. It is also a really long wearing lip color. It goes on glossy but leaves a velvety matte stain. It also has a slight minty flavor. Side note, the packaging makes these easier to apply than lip tars.

LA Gil Bombshell

  .Milani Color Statement in Rose Hip $5.99
        I am a huge fan of Milani Cosmetics. There color statement lipsticks are amazing and they have a lot of great spring colors. They are crazy pigmented, and go on really smoothly. Rose hip is described as neon pink, but it's really fuchsia. I also love these because they smell like watermelon. They all have different finishes, but this one is creamy. Side note use a lip liner for an easier application.

Milani Rose Hip

Occ Lip Tar Anime $18
    Anime is a really fun fuchsia. If you love a bright pink lipstick this is your baby! These liquid lipsticks are tricky to apply, but they are worth the trouble. Long wearing, great pigmentation, minty scent, what's not to love. You can also mix and create new colors if you have other lip tars. They go on glossy, but leave a matte finish. Side note, they are worth every penny since a little goes a long way. You only need a drop!

Occ Anime

Too Faced Le Creme Fuchsia Sock $22
     The creme de la creme (corny), Seriously this baby is luxury. From the gilded tube to the sumptuous feel. If you need a good gift for a friend pick up one of these. This baby has decent pigmentation. Feels really comfortable on the lips and pops a pretty fuchsia punch. Super glossy finish and IMO the most wearable if you are afraid of bright. Side note, this is a sot tube. Don't leave it in your purse it will melt easily.

Too Faced Fuchsia Shock

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