Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Teenage Christmas List

Hi Everybody,

          In the spirit of the holidays, and poking fun at my younger self lol I thought I'd put together this post. I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and share what was on my teenage Christmas list. The 90's were pretty crazy times :) I hope you enjoy.

          Okay this is what actually got me started on this post. I was remembering these pants. Z. Cavaricci were unisex pants that my brother and I were obsessed with. They cost $80 ! Can you believe it ? I can not think of a more unflattering pair of pants lol. Oh yeah these are great, your ass and thighs are gonna look ginormous.

          These shirts were pretty expensive too. Hypercolor shirts changed color with your(or someone else' s) body heat.

          B.U.M. equipment sweat shirts were everywhere. I had two of these. They were big & baggy and very comfortable. I never found out what B. U. M. means lol.

          I wore these boots to death. I had them in black, red, and purple. They looked awesome with my leggings :). You could wear em up, fold em down, or scrunch em.

          I loved perfume, and more than makeup I was a perfume hoarder. It was always on my list. If I would describe my signature scent in high school I think it would be sunflowers. I was in love with it.

          Another scent I was obsessed with was beautiful. I usually wore this softer scent on dressy occasions.

          I was obsessed with brush sets. I always asked for these because they looked so pretty on my vanity. The brushes were always crap lol. The best part is always the holder.

         Eye and lip gloss palettes. I was always gravitated to these in the store. My theory was a million colors is the way to go. I never was happy with these sets lol. They were always chalky and had bad pigmentation.

          The one thing every teen in the 90's had was a portable cd player. I brought mine everywhere. Mp3's are so much easier than carrying this heavy thing around, and a book full of cd's.  I <3 technology !

          I was lucky enough to have my own phone, and this was the one that I thought was the coolest :)

          Stupid dancing flowers ! They were everywhere. They danced to music. I might have had two of them. I wonder where they went lol.

          I always asked for flannel sheets in cutesy patterns. I loved creating a warm cozy bed .

          This was the must have soundtrack for me I loved Whitney, and her songs on this were amazing.

          Well there you go a peek into my past :) Let me know if you liked this. I would love to see others do this too :)

                                                                                 <3 Jen

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  1. LOL! I remember it all so well. xox Looking forward to our 2012 Christmas shopping list/spree :) Love you ♥