Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Urban Decay Loves NYC Book Of Shadows III Redux Swatches


      Hi Everybody,
                I recently purchased this palette from ulta. It is available there and at . I was intrigued by this palette for two reasons, the price $39 and the fact that it had two shades I've been dying to try ( rockstar and mowie wowie ).  This palette it a re-introduction of one they brought out back in 2010. The packaging is the same, but some of the colors have changed. Also the original came with two eye liners, and this one only has one.

This is the original palette.

The new one 

\Swatches !!!
                                                        oil slick, uzi, stray dog, mildew

                                           midnight cowboy rides again, swf, last call, rockstar

                                                    haight, maui wowie, aquarius, smog

                                                          goddess, sin, ydk, ecstasy 

The packaging
                                  lol you can see my turbie twist in the mirror. ( i love that thing).

               The colors that made it from the old palette to the new one are, uzi, midnight cowboy rides again, last call, rockstar, haight, maui wowie, and smog. 

               The packaging is really cute. It lights up, and makes putting on makeup a little more fun. The drawback is that it's super bulky and not travel friendly at all.

               As a side note, if you missed out on the original feminine palette (not available since the release of the newer version.) This palette has 4 of the 6 colors ( aquarius, swf, ecstasy, stray dog).

              I freakin love this palette. The colors are so beautiful, and go together so well. I am so pleased and impressed. You can watch a full on review in the video below.

                                                                                         <3 Jen

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