Monday, November 19, 2012

What's on my Christmas List

Hi Everybody,

          This is such a fun time for makeup fans and addicts. There are so many really amazing sets available at this time. Not only is it the optimal time to get deep discounts, you can also try some new products. And of course who doesn't love snazzy holiday packaging :) This year I'm going to be shopping at Ulta. These are some of my personal favorites. Do you guys want me to vlog my ulta shopping experience ? BTW I included some single items I'm dying to try. All items are cruelty free :)

I'm actually not planning on purchasing this because I have way too many eye shadows lol. It was just so cute I had to mention it.

          I also highly recommend the UD Loves NYC Palette. Check out my review here :)

         Happy shopping everybody <3

                                                <3 Jen

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