Monday, March 18, 2013

My Birthday Wish List

To My Dearest Dumplings,

          My birthday is coming soon :) I really love reading other peoples wish lists so I thought I would share my list with you guys.

Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Collection  I debated between getting the larger collection, but I really feel I would use all the brushes in the smaller collection on a regular basis.

Sigma Sigmax Round Kabuki This brush just looks so amazing. I don't have anything like it in my collection.

 Sigma Sigmax Precision Round This brush would make my life so much easier when applying eye primer and concealer.

OCC Lip Tar Pro Set My cousin (who's a makeup artist) raves about these. They look pretty awesome. I love pigmented bold lip colors.

Cannon Vixia M500 HD Camcorder  I have been wanting a better quality camera for my videos for a while. This one is freakin amazing !!!

Tri Pod Kit This would make on location videos so much easier. LOL you guys would laugh at the crazy things I balance my camera on.

OMG A Lipstick Dress This dress is so adorable.

          Wow this was a really fun post for me to write :)))  I hope you guys liked it. I hope you all have a wonderful day <3

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