Thursday, March 21, 2013

Soap That Looks Like Donuts (I'm Obsessed With This Etsy Shop)

Hello Dumpling's,

          Oh my word lol, this shop is so amazing. I spent the better part of my morning perusing through all of the amazing soaps and concoctions she creates. It is so hard for me to choose what to buy. I honestly want it all. (Warning this post is going to be full of pictures lol.)

          The shop is called Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary. Her products are hand made, adorable, reasonably priced, and of course vegan and cruelty free :)

Okay now for the pictures.

                                          Sushi  $17.75


                                          Macaron's  $7.50                                                

                                          Oreo's $7.50

                                          Teacup's $7.25

                                          Zombie Soap $14.50

                                         Little Bird On A Tree $10.75

                                         Frosted Donut's $5.95     

          I really could sit here posting links to everything I love all day lol. All the soaps are scented in complimentary fragrances ( sushi = ginger fizz, oreo's = chocolate). She also has lip scrubs, body scrubs, moisturizers, lip balm. . . .  I will do a haul when my order comes in. I just have to figure out what to buy :)

          I hope you all have a wonderful day. I am planning on filming a helpful video on an embarrassing situation later. I'm kind of nervous, but I hope it's helpful to some of you :)

          Also check out a new blog based on two of our characters Lily and Daisy. Daisy is featured in the Yam Yamz & Friends "Missing Daisy" book. Lily is a character in her own right. They are both very different and have different tastes. This blog explores those differences in a fun way. That's where I learned about this awesome Etsy shop. Please check them out and let me know what you think :) Lily vs. Daisy 

                                                             <3 Jen 

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