Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surviving your first eyebrow waxing


          Hi Guys, I've been wanting to do a post or video about this subject for a while. I'm just gonna give a few tips and tricks to help you get through the first time.

         I naturally have thick crazy brows. If left un-waxed they would look like two fuzzy Caterpillar's sleeping above my eye's. I hated them, but I was so afraid to wax. I was afraid the whole eyebrow would get taken off, or the skin like in a horror movie (Happy Halloween). Well obviously I got my nerve up because I'm writing this post. A good friend coaxed me to let her do it. I was so pleased with how neat and groomed my brows looked. It opened up my face so much. After many years of waxing I feel qualified to give some tips to make your first time easier,

Go to a professional
     Waxing is tricky, and messy. If you're just starting out it's best to get help. Also it's not that expensive. I usually pay $10

Go with your natural shape
     A drastic change can be really alarming if you aren't used to it. Also it most likely won't take as long in the chair so that's less intimidating. You can always experiment later on when you're more comfortable. If you trust your waxer you can ask for their input on what brow shape suits your face.

Bring a picture
     If you do want to change the shape bring a photo of someone with the brows you want. You don't want to chance any misunderstandings. Also keep in mind your brows may not easily fit the shape you want. You may need to modify slightly.

The Pain
     Okay seriously this part totally freaked me out. I was so afraid it was gonna hurt so bad lol. Actually it really isn't that bad. The initial ripping off the paper is so quick. it feels like a band aid. For about 10 minutes after that the skin feels slightly swollen and tingly. It may also be red. You can take two tylenol about 20 minutes before you get it done if you're really feeling squeamish. I've never felt the need. also after waxing they will put a cooling balm on your lids. This feels so nice :)

The Wax
     There are so many different kinds of wax out there. If you have sensitive skin make sure to let them know, and ask for a wax for sensitive skin. There are waxes for all skin types. If you are going to a salon ask them before hand what they have. If you want to go the extra mile you can purchase your own wax and ask them if they will use it.

Pop A Mint
     The waxer is gonna be all up in your grill so make sure you have fresh breath lol. Also try to breathe through your nose so you don't blow hot breath on her or him.

Ask Questions
     The best way to be comfortable is to be informed. They won't mind answering your questions.

     Like other spa and salon services, this one is the same. Good work deserves a bonus. I usually tip $2 for a waxing.

          I hope you guys find this helpful. If there's anything that I didn't cover just ask :)

                                                                      <3 Jen

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