Friday, October 5, 2012

Review of Josie Maran Summer Lovin' Argan Lip & Cheek Color Stick Set

           Hello Everyone, I wanted to review this collection from Josie Maran. This is my first time buying anything from this brand. This set contains three lip and cheek cream sticks, and one clear moisturizing stick. It is sold at sephora for $32. The sticks are all in the mini size.

           As a whole I like this set a lot. I find the texture smooth and creamy, and the colors are beautiful. They all have a frosty/shimmery finish. Two are very natural and one is a bit more bold. I think the only flaw (for me) is the scent. It is a very strong herbal incense kind of scent. These products are infused with natural oils, so I think that's why they smell that way. I also feel a slight tingle on my lips when I wear them. The smell and the tingle dissipate over time.

           Summer Lovin is a really soft natural pink. It looks amazing on cheeks, and I think it's ideal for fair skin. It is a frosty light rosebud shade.

          Okay this color is weird. In the tube it looks like a deep burgundy, but on the skin it looks like a sheer pale brick red. It's also weird that a color like this is in the "summer lovin" collection because to me it's more of a fall shade. I really like it for a nice fall flush on cheeks.

          Poppy is a really fun shade. It's a vibrant juicy peach. I think it looks good on cheeks and lips.

          I use this set pretty often, and I enjoy them. I don't plan on buying more of these purely because of the smell. They perform well, and are pretty long lasting. I also think the packaging is really pretty, and well made. The caps shut securely, and keep the product from drying out.

                                                                           <3 Jen


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  1. Excellent review... I can almost taste it! :)