Monday, October 29, 2012

My Cozy Morning

Hi Everybody,
     This post has nothing to do with beauty lol. I think it's fun when other's share little slices of their life so I thought I'd do the same. Let me know if you want more of these.

     I woke up a little late this morning. I had a delicious cup of coffee. I have two coffee machines that I rotate between. One is the keurig, and the other is the flavia system. This morning I used the flavia, and had an Ethiopian roast. My coffee enjoyment was short lived because my dogs were hungry, and didn't feel like waiting for me to savor it lol.

     The best part of my morning was being outside. I let my dogs out, and grabbed a book. Some mornings I get calls from clients right away. This morning was peaceful. The weather was cool( somewhere in the mid 60's). I was so happy, it's usually hot where I live. I love the cool weather :)) I snuggled in a cozy hoodie, and sat on my outdoor love seat. I could have sat there reading that book, and feeling the cold air on my face forever. Unfortunately my little dogs were not enjoying the cold as much lol. They sort of hinted that they were ready to go inside. Long story short, I'm buying them sweaters :)

     This post was kinda random, but I think it's important to commemorate the small joys in life :) I am gonna film one or two videos today, so I'll see you later :)

                                                                          <3 Jen


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