Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review & Swatches


 Hi Makeup Lovers,
                 I talked a bit about this palette in my September Favorites, but I felt like doing a more in depth review on here for you guys. I got this palette about a week ago. My friend purchased it for herself but didn't like it so she gave it to me. I gladly accepted :) I have had my eye on this palette for quite a while, but kind of thought it was unnecessary because I had the naked palette which I am obsessed with.

                Seeing this palette up close I could tell it was very different from the naked. I drooled over the colors and swatched away. I was very impressed with most of the colors and textures. Here is a rundown of each color and my opinion.

    heaven, velvet revolver, sexpresso, silk teddy, push up, erotica, nude beach, honey pot, cocoa puff

     Heaven- This is a matte ivory. It is nicely pigmented, and silky smooth. I could see myself using this a lot.

     Velvet Revolver- this is a matte light taupe color. It is also silky smooth. I think this is a perfect natural crease color if you have fair skin.

     Sexpresso- This is the last matte in the palette. it is a deep silky reddish brown. The color and the pigmentation are beautiful. I am so impressed with the textures of these matte shades.

     Silk Teddy- This is a shimmery peach champagne color. it is buttery soft and pigmented. I love this soft romantic color.

     Push up- This is a muted light bronzey color. it is soft and shimmery with nice pigmentation. This color is so versatile. I think you could easily do a one shadow look with this and make it look dynamic.

     Erotica- This is a neutral medium brown with gold sparkles. I love this shade. it is a brown I've been looking for for a while. The glitter is understated, and doesn't create fall out. My only complaint is that this color is a bit chalky, but I can still work with it.

     Nude Beach- this is the one color I'm disappointing with. It is a beautiful champagne color, but it has chunky silver glitter that falls out everywhere. I was a glittery mess after swatching this.

     Honey Pot- This is a shimmery deep gold. The color, texture, and, pigment are beautiful. This will look amazing on the lid or under for a pop of color.

     Cocoa puff- This is a ritch chocolate brown color. It is so pigmented and silky. It is kind of a demi-matte. I love it. I think I will use it to line my lower lid.

          The palette also comes with three cards to help you create different looks. The instructions are easy to follow.

          I highly recommend this palette. It retails for $36 and I feel the price = value. If you're in the market for an easy to use natural palette this is for you. I also think that if you already own the original naked palette this is different enough to justify owning it. I am going to do a video comparing this to the naked in the near future.

                                                                                               <3 Jen

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  1. It´s such a gorgeous palette. I want it too!