Monday, October 15, 2012

All About Primers


   Over the last few years the one makeup category that I've seen grow is primers. There are ton of different kinds of primers out there, it can be confusing trying to sort it all out. For a long time I thought they were gimmicky and a waste of money.  I now see how wrong I was. A good primer can be your best friend. The trick is to know what you want your primer to do.

          There are three basic functions for primers, to create a smooth canvas by filling in pores and fine lines on the skin, controlling shine and oil or moisturizing the skin, and extending the staying power of your makeup. That was a long sentence :) It's kind of like a nail polish base coat.  Knowing your skin type is key to finding the right primer. When shopping read the packaging and read reviews. A good place to scope out makeup reviews is , that's where I go when I want info.

          You can find primers for face, eyes, lips, lashes, pretty much anything. They are also available in high end and drugstore brands. You may also want to check out b.b. creams. They are like primers on steroids. They provide the benefits of primer plus coverage and moisture. Some have acne fighting properties and sunscreen. I've been using stila's 10 in one hd bb cream. I'm really happy with it. As for primers I'm still shopping around for the perfect face primer. When it comes to eyes I am in love with urban decay's Eden.
It is matte with a nude tint. It covers the discoloration on my lids, and keeps my shadow in place.

          I hope this post was helpful. I was motivated to write this because someone asked me about this in a comment on one of my videos. If there's something I didn't cover just ask :)

                                                                                           <3 Jen

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