Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wearable Plus Size Costumes

Hi Halloween Lovers,

          I love halloween, but as a plus size girl It can be very hard to find a cute well fitting costume. I scoured buycostumes,com to find the best of their selection this year. I love this site. I've used them to buy lots of costumes over the years. All costumes are under $40


I really think this costume is cute and sexy. It looks super flattering and comfy.I love the high slit on the side. If you got em show em off yo.


This costume is so cute. The print and the cut make this so flattering. It is on the short side, but the high neckline still makes it modest. If you're afraid of too much exposure you can wear shorts underneath


if you're looking for something safe for a kid's party this does the trick. it is modest, easy to wear, and you could wear colored tights under the bloomers lol.

On the other hand this costume could be F*****g creepy. Who isn't scared of clowns right ? You could gore it up, and still be comfortable. Clown zombie, killer, vampire, weirdo, go for it.

          I hope this post will be helpful. Have a safe and happy Halloween !!

                                                                                            <3 Jen

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